NEWS RELEASE | 10th CineFest Petrobras Brasil New York has been CANCELLED


THE 10th CINE FEST PETROBRAS BRASIL NEW YORK SummerStage Show on June 9 to Continue as Scheduled  

May 25, 2012: It is with great regret that we must report the cancellation of the previously announced 10th edition of Inffinito’s Cine Fest Petrobras Brasil New York at Tribeca Cinemas, scheduled for June 10 through June 16, 2012.

Please note that Inffinito’s show at Central Park SummerStage, featuring a live performance by Brazilian artist boTECOeletro with Ricardo Imperatore and a full screening of the new Raul Seixas documentary RAUL will continue to take place as scheduled on June 9 at 7:00pm.

The cancellation of the 2012 NYC festival is due to the sudden revocation of sponsorship in May by Inffinito’s once-lead sponsor, the Brazilian oil company Petrobras. “We have yet to receive any justification for their reasoning of pulling funding so very late into the process,” says Inffinito co-founder Viviane Spinelli. “Having already selected all our films, finished production, activated a media campaign and fully expecting to launch with Petrobras’ support, their abrupt and untimely abandonment of the project is troubling for everyone involved in the Festival.”

We are proud to confirm that through the diligent work and valued support of the Government of New York City, City Parks Foundation, Itamaraty, The General Consulate of Brazil in New York and American Airlines, Inffinito will continue as planned with our June 9 show in Central Park featuring boTECOeletro and a full-length screening of the film RAUL: The Beginning, Middle and End, by Walter Carvalho (cinematographer of the Oscar Nominated film Central do Brasil).

As a result of the cancellation of the 10th Cine Fest Petrobras Brasil New York competitive screenings, the Inffinito Festival Circuit curators (Clélia Bessa, Jorge Peregrino, Maria Arlete Gonçalves, Paula Barreto and Ruth Albuquerque) have transferred the films selected for New York to Inffinito’s London Festival, scheduled for September 21 through September 25, 2012. 

The complete list of feature and short films scheduled for New York that will now be playing in London follows: 


  • CAPTAINS OF THE SAND (Capitães da Areia), by Cecília Amado
  • HEART OF SAMBA (Coração do Samba), by Thereza Jessouroun
  • I’LL RAFFLE OFF MY HEART (Vou Rifar Meu Coração), by Ana Rieper
  • JORGE MAUTNER – THE SON OF THE HOLOCAUST (Jorge Mautner – O Filho do Holocausto), by Pedro Bial and Heitor D’Alincourt
  • KINGS AND RATS (Reis e Ratos), by Mauro Lima
  • MY COUNTRY (Meu País), by André Ristum
  • ROCK BRASÍLIA, by Vladimir Carvalho
  • TOTALLY INNOCENT (Totalmente Inocentes), by Rodrigo Bittencourt
  • TWO BIRDS (Dois Coelhos), by Afonso Poyart
  • A LONG JOURNEY (Uma Longa Viagem), by Lucia Murat 


  • AFTER THE FALL (Depois da Queda), by Bruno Bini
  • BLANK SHEET (Folha em Branco), by Iuli Gerbase
  • BRAZIL BY PERO VAZ DE CAMINHA (O Brasil de Pero Vaz Caminha), by Bruno Laet
  • BULL’S – EYE (Olho de Boi), by Diego Lisboa
  • DON’T LEAVE JOANA ALONE (Não Deixe Joana Só), by Cecilia Engels
  • GOD (Deus), by André Miranda
  • GOD PROTECTS DRUNKS AND CHILDREN (Deus Proteja os Bêbados e as Crianças), by Bernardo Mello Barreto
  • JOAOZINHO IN THE FLESH (Joãozinho de Carne e Osso), by Paulo Vespúcio Garcia
  • PHOENIX, by Stefano Capuzzi Lapietra
  • STARRY DAY (Dia Estrelado), by Nara Normande
  • THE CANGACEIRO AND THE LION (O Cangaceiro e o Leão), by Arnaldo Galvão
  • THE FACTORY (A Fábrica), by Aly Muritiba
  • THE GREAT JOURNEY (A Grande Viagem), by Caroline Fioratti
  • URBAN JUNGLE (Ribeirinhos do Asfalto), by Jorane Castro

Please note that all other previously confirmed programs making up the remainder of The 2012 Inffinito Festival Circuit will continue as scheduled, including shows in the cities of Miami (supported by Brazilian and local government sponsors) and London and Montevideo (through the sponsorship of BNDES).

We deeply regret any inconvenience caused by this cancellation. Inffinito fully intends to continue its mission to promote and disseminate Brazilian culture and film across the world. We are confident that we will bring the 2013 edition of Cine Fest Brasil New York back to the city next June.

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